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The Best Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, & Ram Family Vehicles

Best Family Vehicles

Best Family Vehicles From Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Automakers

Determining the best family vehicles can be a tough task, as no two families have the exact same automotive needs. However, that won’t stop us at Marion Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram from offering our insights.

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider some of the best family vehicles on sale today. From pragmatic minivans to rugged trucks and versatile SUVs, our list has something for everyone.

Best Cars for Families

Minivans and SUVs have gained ground as the preferred family cars for many drivers, yet there’s still a place for the traditional family sedan. A sedan with five seats and a large trunk can go a long way when handling family duty, and there’s one model that stands out in particular.

Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300

Explore new Chrysler vehicles for sale today, and you’ll certainly see the Chrysler 300 among them. This spacious full-size sedan has a large backseat that easily accommodates car seats. Its trunk offers up to 16.3 cubic feet of cargo space. Turn to this for a model that balances fuel efficiency and ferocious power well.

Best Family SUVs

A quality family SUV can offer the versatility that you need. These models tend to offer more headroom than sedans, with adjustable or foldable seats that allow you to pack in more cargo. While our team is happy to show you around our two-row models, the following are some top contenders for the title of best three-row SUV for families.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

While countless families have enjoyed the SUV’s classic two-row configuration over the years, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L makes the iconic nameplate even more family-friendly by offering a third row. With seating for up to seven passengers and 17.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row, it’s one of the best Jeep SUVs for family driving. You can find it for sale among our new Jeep vehicles.

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a strong candidate for the best three-row SUV for families. All but the two base trims offer standard third-row seating, with certain configurations providing spacious and comfortable second-row captain’s chairs. It’s easy to load up the kids and hit the road for a weekend getaway in one of these new Dodge vehicles. Plus, the new Durango is perfect for hauling the family camper, with a maximum towing capacity of 8,700 pounds when properly equipped.

Grand Wagoneer SUV

For drivers who want family-friendly features with a luxurious design, one of the best large family SUV models is the Grand Wagoneer SUV. This full-size vehicle boasts a cavernous cabin with amenities to keep the whole family comfortable. Backseat entertainment technology, seating for up to eight passengers, and massive cargo space make the Grand Wagoneer SUV so compelling. Talk to our team today to learn more about new Wagoneer vehicles.

Grand Wagoneer SUV

Best Vans for Families

Minivans may evoke soccer-field pickups, but modern models can be athletic, stylish, and infused with advanced technology. Our favorite example is the Chrysler Pacifica.

Chrysler Pacifica, Ram 1500 & Ram 2500

Chrysler Pacifica

The new Chrysler Pacifica is designed to impress families, offering convenient sliding rear doors, rear seats that fold into the floor for maximum cargo capacity, and a wealth of cabin technologies for entertainment and safety. The available interior FamCAM lets you check on your kids in the rearmost seats, including those who might still be utilizing rear-facing car seats. If you’re looking for the best vehicle for a family of five (or six) passengers, the Chrysler Pacifica is worth a close look.

Best Trucks for Families

Full-size trucks have become increasingly common as family-hauling vehicles, and new Ram vehicles are leading the way.

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is a versatile pickup that does more than just work, offering a spacious cabin with plenty of features for families to enjoy. It comes with convenient storage compartments and a robust safety technology package to help keep your loved ones safe. Both the Quad Cab and Crew Cab offer seating for up to six. Whether you’re taking a road trip or ferrying kids to practice, the Ram 1500 is a great pick.

Ram 2500

If your family enjoys outdoor activities and needs a vehicle with robust towing performance, check out the Ram 2500. This heavy-duty model is familiar with hard work, which makes it a great option for those with an RV or other camping equipment that they would like to move. These trucks also offer the cabin convenience that families need. Contact us today to schedule a Ram 2500 test drive.

Ram 1500 & Ram 2500

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Family Vehicles

What factors should be considered when choosing between a truck vs. an SUV for family needs?

Choosing between a truck or an SUV for family driving needs usually comes down to seating capacity and cargo requirements. SUVs usually offer more legroom and can come with three rows of seating. Meanwhile, a truck provides the versatility of a cargo bed and can have a stronger towing capacity. Some truck models can accommodate six people, but it might be more cramped.

What is the best Jeep SUV for families?

There are a couple of Jeep SUV models that make strong candidates for family usage. Both the Jeep Grand Cherokee L and Grand Wagoneer SUV are worth considering, with their spacious cabins equipped to haul three rows of passengers. Each model contains convenience and safety features that make family life easier. Stop by our dealership to explore these models in person.

What features make the Chrysler Pacifica great for families?

The Chrysler Pacifica has many features that make it a great family vehicle. Sliding rear doors make entry and exit a breeze while seating for up to eight passengers means you can bring the whole family. Plus, Stow ‘N Go seating and an available built-in vacuum system add outstanding practicality. To top it off, this minivan is packed with cutting-edge safety features.

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